Retail POS

MicroBiz for Windows is Windows-based POS/retail management software which is installed on your PC and purchased through a one-time upfront perpetual software license. 

The intuitive design of MicroBiz for Windows allows you to "check out" customers in seconds – and features drop down menus, quick keys and search functions. It supports bar code readers, bar code printers, electronic cash drawers, customer pole displays and receipt printers. The application is so well designed and intuitive that the average training time for a new operator is under 30 minutes.

Ring-Up Sales Anyplace,Anytime

MicroBiz allows you to use your iPad as a mobile POS terminal to ring up sales anyplace and at anytime – trade shows, sidewalk sales, street fairs, sporting events, etc. Just log into your MicroBiz app using an iPad and you can start ringing up sales.

Runs on iPads, Macs and PCs

Web-based architecture allows you to use any combination of iPads, Macs and PCs. You can utilize the large screen size a PC or Mac for your main checkout station while using an iPad for busy periods or for mobile sale situations.